Waterfall Healing – 7 ways to find calm

When life sends you rain, find waterfalls. This month we explore a collection of short waterfall meditations to help you find your calm.

Waterfalls have this unique ability to pause our train of thoughts, bring our awareness to the present moment and fill us with awe. Seeing the movement of water on it’s journey to the ocean reminds us in many ways of our own journey in time. For a brief moment one is conscious of the larger but unseen laws that govern the flow of nature and life.

Given below are 7 short waterfall meditations. Simple ideas and thoughts that one can contemplate on, while enjoying the beauty and wonder of the waterfalls.  Find an image or words that call out to you and spend a little time absorbing it’s essence.

*Note: Some of the gifs on this page may take time to load on slow internet connections. We hope you patience is amply rewarded.


Fall. Rise. Repeat


Everything Changes

Slow down. Find yourself.


Let Go

From Nothing. Into Nothing.


We hope these words and waterfalls encourage you to explore the hidden peace, power and potential that lies within each one of us.

It would be really nice to hear your reflections or meditations with waterfalls. Please add to our collective knowledge by sharing your insights and experiences in the comments section.

END NOTE: You can subscribe to our monthly blog posts at this link. We are a small group of friends trying to help people reconnect with nature. Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal.


3 Comments on “Waterfall Healing – 7 ways to find calm

  1. Having fun can be healing. Believing in magic, too. When my granddaughters were very young, we went on our first hike to a North Carolina waterfall. It was a summer full of magical belief in faeries and unicorns. We made “canoes” for the faeries from milkweed pods and sent them down stream, searched for their dwellings under mushrooms, ferns and moss-covered tree trunks, and drank “faerie juice” from honeysuckle drops. Having just viewed “The Last Unicorn” movie, the girls also searched the forest for unicorns, certain they would spot one! At the end of the trail they both swore they saw unicorns in the cascading waterfall. The innocence of childhood is so healing and helps me keep the child in me alive! And I shall forevermore see unicorns in a waterfall!

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