Nature is healing. For thousands of years our ancestors hunted, gathered, and survived in the wilderness. Endless grasslands, dense forests and vast stretches of green were an integral part of a place we called home.

But in today’s world, the green spaces are replaced by urban structures, crowded places and polluted environments. This rapid change puts an unwanted pressure on our body and mind. As a result we have seen that chronic illnesses, stress, depression, anxiety and other ailments are on the rise. Also as a society, there is an increase in apathy, anger, intolerance, and loneliness.

The aim of this project is to help people heal by reconnecting with nature. And also to help forests heal through volunteer projects.

“Our health is linked to the health of the environment we live in.”

Extract from Korea Forest Service (link)Forest Therapy: Society is aging, being industrialized and modernized at a rapid pace. There is a resulting tendency that environmental diseases, chronic illness and senile diseases are increasing. It is said that fundamental treatments for those diseases are limited, so it draws more attention to nature treatment. Forests are believed to have a variety of natural elements good for health, such as phytoncide, anions, comforting scenery and natural soils.To promote people’s health, using nature’s healing power, the KFS has created therapy forests. They are now on operation equipped with convenience facilities, simple sports facilities, etc. There is also a visitor center, meditation spaces, rest areas and healing forest trails.Here’s another helpful article from National Geographic magazine on the impact of spending time in nature on our brain.


HEALING FOREST is an idea to discover and promote the healing powers of nature. Through films, nature walks, articles and activities we hope to create greater awareness about the link between us and nature. The intention is to create a small community of people who can lead healing forest walks that connect people with nature and create a healthy society and a healthy planet .

Learning: 200+ people have gone through our learning program.  
Engagement:  135,000+ people have read through the articles on our website
Awareness:  725,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40+ cities.


You: If you believe in the healing powers of nature, please consider joining us. Subscribe to our blog at this link to stay updated on new films, stories, nature walks, action projects and volunteer opportunities. We also have a group on Facebook: ART of NATURE

Us: We are a small group of people who love nature. You can join us after completing the basic lessons from our learning program. As individuals we conduct multiple nature walks in our communities and share learning and ideas with each other.

For specific inquiries please write to us at: healingforest(dot)org(at)gmail(dot)com




41 thoughts on “NATURE HEALING

  1. tbmonarch this is important, please read it and at least consider my suggestions and advice:

    I honestly think you might be confusing things here. Anyone who goes through that kind of horrific experience needs outside help.

    Meditation, being in nature and contemplative practices are helpful and part of the package but they’re not enough ALONE to get you through massive trauma like that. Trying to do deal and process something like that entirely on your own is not a good idea and not wise, to be blunt. Everyone needs help to do it.

    It sound like you might come from an Anglo culture like the one I gew up in (New Zealand – in a NZ European family and area). They’re very individualistic but that’s not a good point in these situations… no one can heal and process something that shocking and damaging alone.

    I strongly advise you to seek help and counselling. Also, this may not apply or be relevant but if the person who did this to you can be caught and held to account and prosecuted… or even just made known to others… then that will reduce the chance of them destroying the lives of other women in the same way. That is not to put pressure on you, it’s not a responsibility or an obligation.

    I’m not sure if you’re ready, want to able to do this but bear it in mind. If you want to and can you should. Criminals need to be stopped. Compassion is for you, if I was there as a young man when this guy attacked you I would have called the police and/or personally put him in hospital if I had to to stop him. I’m deeply to sorry to you as a woman for the monsters among us men who walk this Earth: they need to be removed…

    Healing and compassion are for you but just sucking it up and trying to Buddha your way out of trauma is a really bad idea. Justice and pain are for the perpetrators. they don’t need compassion, they need the law to stop them and hold them to account and face the consequences.

    Nature will and does help like you say but help and healing from others is at least as important and probably more so. Justice and accountability from the monster who did this to you will help you heal and help heal the world – if it is feasible or possible to seek. There is a place for healers and love to improve the world but there is also a place for warriors. Because it’s not just the sick and damaged we are dealing with on a still corrupt earth at this time, it’s also the truly evil and people (not humans… they have no humanity) who are full blown soul-less predators.I appreciate that it’s possible there’s nothing you can do in this situation in terms of justice… just a thought if you can.

    Interestingly, the whole of your country (the United States) is about to get some cosmic lessons on spiritual warfare and boundaries as the elite paedophile and sex trafficking rings among your political and cultural elites get nuked and legal proceedings begin (Epstein and Weinstein are just the tip of the iceberg).

    I don’t think you’re naive btw. Please don’t think that. I’m just sensing from your comment that this advice could be helpful as someone who is themselves recovering from horrific experiences at the hands of criminals and on their own multi-year long journey to recover from trauma and who tried to do it on my own too much for a long time.


  2. In December, I was able to realize my dream of diving in the Galapagos. Unfortunately, I was sexually assaulted the second day I was there. Though it was amazingly traumatizing (I am still dealing with it), I told myself that I was there to dive and not to allow the actions of a depraved man to rob me of my bliss. Thought I cried at night, every day, I joined my dive master on the dive boat and went out into the waters surrounding the islands. And it was here, surrounded by sharks, rays, myriad fish, sea lions, fur seals, turtles, iguanas, and birds, that I was able to connect back to my true self – to forget what had happened, and to be supported by the beauty of the water and the sea life. I felt loved and at ease. I felt strong. I felt part of the whole that is life. I am forever thankful for how nature held the space that I needed to heal. More than that, she is who we are. And when we can tap into our true selves, we are free, at peace, and can live in joy.

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    1. Hello, tbonach. How are you doing now? As you will have realized, recovery and healing from trauma is a challenging, prolonged journey. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone, and you shouldn’t. Please seek counseling if you haven’t already, and let people you trust love you and support you in your journey, which is a kind of difficut rebirth. May you find all the love, solace, and healing you need.


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