Nature knows what you are searching for. Learn a variety of calming nature meditations, creative forest games , and mindfulness activities that help you find peace, purpose & healing with nature. Here’s an easy-to-follow online course in Shinrin yoku – Healing nature walks or Japanese forest bathing.

Participants will be introduced to structured nature walks that involve sense training, nature connection through art, photography meditation, creative writing, and forest mindfulness. We will share the basic ideas and exercises in the practice of Shinrin-yoku – the Japanese concept of immersing in the forest to get multiple health benefits for our mind as well as body.


Slow down, find yourself. This program is meant for people who wish to know more about the healing abilities of forests. It’s for people who would like to take control of their mental health and emotional well-being. For seekers who would love to grow their connection with nature and go on a journey within. And also for folks who want to bridge the gap between their families, communities, and nature.


The course is currently in English and we have instructions for 100+ Shinrin-yoku activities through different nature walks. Each section has been carefully crafted with zen minimalism. The writing is simple and the learning is deep. You can easily involve your friends and family members for any of these walks. Feel free to complete it at your own pace. There are no sign-ups required. 

Nature is all around us. Even if you can’t visit a forest, there are various options for trying out the simple activities we have in our program. From neighborhood parks to your own home garden or simply a tree you connect with. To add to your experience our lessons have meditative short films from some breathtaking forests. Let nature guide you and lead you to what you seek.


SOWING THE SEEDS – Course fees

PERSONAL USE: Explore some engaging nature walk ideas with close friends and family or alone. It’s a self-guided journey between you and nature. This course is made available in the giving spirit of the trees. You can offer whatever feels right to you. *School teachers need not pay and can get all lesson links simply by sending us an email. Scroll down to the end for the first lesson.

(via Paypal – any card, any currency) Suggested price 10 US$ or equivalent.
*For donors we email a handy pdf file with all lesson links that you can save to your phone and computer. Please check your email 24 hrs after payment for a mail from us:[at]gmail


PROFESSIONAL USE: For people who would like to go deeper into the elements of healing nature walks, become established practitioners and lead walks that connect other people to nature. Suggested price: 25 US$ (or choose an amount/currency that feels right to you and use the button above).

Healing Forest Course (For Professionals)

Your contribution supports our work. No person shall be turned back due to a lack of funds.




For Individuals: Tap the acorn to start your journey or visit  Healing forest walks for the first lesson.
For Professionals:
You can ask for a one-on-one Skype session where we share some helpful tips and practices to grow your initiative.
Mentoring: By request only. After the full course, a few participants are selected for mentoring to further their journey and scale their impact.


To join our community volunteer program sign up at this link.
Please spread the healing. Share this or gift it to people who may find this idea useful.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal. Through this learning program, we are working on the essence of our well being. Our relationships. Relationship with self, with others and with nature. The path to healing lies inside us. May the forests help you find it.