How To Create Health & Happiness

Discover new ideas from nature that bring you calm, clarity, creativity and good health. In a complex world full of ups and downs, learn the Japanese way of healing nature walks. Wonderful activities that will aid you and your loved ones throughout life.

Nature’s Healing Secrets

The most precious gift in our lives is a healthy mind and body. But life doesn’t know that. It keeps presenting us with surprising challenges at different stages. Anxieties, setbacks, loss, heartbreak, and pain are unwanted presents we all get at some point. Over time, unhealthy schedules, habits, and relationships also manage to hurt our system.

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So how do you grow your calm and resilience to overcome the storms of life? How can you find motivation, inspiration, direction when you need it the most? How do you design escapes that restore your energy, and raise your immunity? How do we create habits that improve the core of our wellbeing: our connection to self, to others, and to nature.

Being able to rejuvenate your head and heart, body and soul, is a priceless skill. Nature makes it easy as well as effective for all ages. Changing the way you experience nature, changes everything.

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Unwind Your Mind. Recharge Your Life.

100+ ideas to renew yourself

Learn a wide variety of calming nature meditations, that bring you stillness and clarity of mind. Feel the joy of creativity with our mindfulness based arts which include nature art, creative writing, mindful photography and much more. Revitalise yourself with our selection of uplifting walks and games that activate all your senses. Let nature guide you to what you seek.

Many people find meditation and mindfulness too difficult or dull. Adding creativity and nature to them, amplifies each of their benefits and makes the entire process engaging. Along with multiple activities, our lessons cover the science and principles behind nature healing. You will master the charming practice of Japanese Shinrin-yoku and much more. This easy-to-follow course reveals beautiful ideas from Japan, Finland, India, Amazon, America and other places around the world.

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A Gift From Nature

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What is Nature Calm?
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Why Now?

Surrounded by addictive screens and stressful news, connecting with nature can make a big difference to our lives. We spend so much time and money on unhealthy habits, but nature is totally free. You can practice these activities in nature-rich spaces, neighbourhood parks, city forests, or even your own garden. Involve your friends and family for any of these walks or do them alone. Create magical nature experiences and lifelong memories.

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Calm for your mind, body, life

Our course has over 100+ nature calm activities in different themes to suit your schedules and interests. Each section has been carefully designed with concepts, films and helpful notes. Feel free to go through the lessons at your own pace. No sign-ups needed.

With rising health care costs and long recovery periods, many people end up losing hours and hundreds by ignoring their own well-being. Give your mind and body the peace they deserve, and the energy they need. Start with this 2 minute film.

Experience The Magic

This course is a special journey between you and nature. The activities have been handpicked to help you find what you love, and we hope you’ll love what you find. Through the different lessons in this course you will be planting seeds of peace, wonder, and joy all around you. Seeds that will grow into a forest of friends.

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Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal. With your help we are creating circles of positive change across the planet.
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