How can you tap into the healing powers of nature? Learn a variety of peaceful nature meditations, energising forest games and gentle mindfulness activities that help you find calm, clarity, creativity, and healing with nature. Here’s an easy-to-follow course in Shinrin-Yoku or Japanese forest bathing also known as healing forest walks.

If you love nature, you will love this program. Our world is a complex place full of ups and downs. Stressful relations, unhealthy habits, unpredictable situations, polluted environments pose a big challenge to our health everyday. Most people overlook the signs until it is too late. So how do we take care of our mind and body in a way that’s simple, yet highly effective? How can we take nature’s help in creating a healthier life for ourselves and our loved ones?

This course will teach you structured nature walks that involve sense training, nature connection through creativity and forest mindfulness. Discover the remarkable practice of Shinrin-yoku – the Japanese concept of immersing in nature to get multiple benefits for our physical, mental, emotional and social health.


What are you seeking? Nature knows. Our program is meant for you, if you would like to learn the many ways of experiencing the healing abilities of forests. For nature-lovers, it’s a great way to nurture your connection with nature through a wide collection of new ideas. Shinrin-yoku is especially helpful for working individuals as well as parents. By keeping yourself healthy and mentally fit you save time, money, energy and lead more fulfilling lives.

If you are a wellness professional or a nature based company, our course offers a diverse range of tools to build a stronger bond between families, communities, and nature for their health and happiness. Every section includes beautiful downloads to increase your outreach as well as impact.

Healing Nature Walks – A few benefits

We have instructions for 100+ Shinrin-yoku activities through different nature walks. Each section has been carefully designed with concepts, films and helpful notes. The writing is simple and the learning is deep. You can easily involve your friends and family members for any of these walks. Feel free to complete it at your own pace. There are no sign-ups required. 

Nature is all around us. Even if you can’t visit a forest, there are various options for trying out the simple activities we have in our program. From neighborhood parks to your own home garden or simply a tree you connect with. Let nature guide you and lead you to what you seek.


Healing Nature Walks - Course outline
Healing Nature Walks - Free Downloads

SHARING NATURE – Course fees

PERSONAL USE: Apply the learning from nature to bring balance to your life. Invest a little time in growing yourself. The course is made available in the giving spirit of trees. You can offer whatever feels right to you. Scroll down to the end to see the first lesson. *School teachers need not pay and can simply fill this form.

(via Paypal – any card, any currency) Suggested price 9US$ or equivalent in your currency.
*For donors we email a handy pdf file with all lesson links that you can save to your phone and computer. Please check your email 24 hrs after payment for a mail from us:[at]gmail

PROFESSIONAL USE: Add new dimensions to your learning, become grounded practitioners and lead walks that spread healing and create conscious communities. Suggested price: 18 US$ (or choose an amount & currency that feels right to you and use the button above). Each lesson includes beautiful downloads.

Healing Forest Course (For Professionals)

Thank you for your support. Your contributions help us connect people with nature. For currencies other than USD, use the donate button above.




Tap the acorn to start your journey or visit  Healing forest walks for the first lesson.
Mentoring: After completing the course, a few participants are selected for mentoring to scale their impact by at-least a 100% to 500%.

Learning: 200+ people have gone through our learning program.  
Engagement:  135,000+ people have read through the articles on our website
Awareness:  725,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40+ cities.


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Please spread the healing. Share this or gift it to people who may find this idea useful.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal. Through this learning program, we are working on the essence of our well being. Our relationships. Relationship with self, with others and with nature. The path to healing lies inside us. May the forests help you find it.

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