Slow down. Find yourself. Learn a variety of peaceful nature meditations, uplifting forest games and relaxing mindfulness arts that help you find calm, clarity, creativity, and healing through nature. Here’s an easy-to-follow course in Healing forest walks, also known as Shinrin-yoku or Japanese forest bathing. Explore the healing secrets of nature and in the process, discover yourself.


If you love nature, you will love this course. We live in an increasingly complex world, facing challenges big and small each day. Stressful relations, lifestyles, environments affect our mind as well as body. So how can you learn the art of tapping into nature to find motivation, inspiration, and healing when you need it the most? How can you take nature’s help in growing your inner calm, and resilience? And most importantly, how can you create experiences that lead to a healthier, happier life for yourself as well as those who matter to you?

What are you seeking? Nature knows.

This course will teach you structured nature walks that involve sense training, nature connection through creativity and forest mindfulness. Our learning program includes beautiful ideas and practices from around the world including Japan, Finland, India, Amazon, America and more. You will also discover the science and art behind the remarkable practice of Shinrin-yoku – the Japanese concept of immersing in nature to get multiple benefits for our physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Nature Meditation benefits

We have 100+ mindful nature activities through different theme based modules. Each section has been carefully designed with concepts, films and helpful notes. The writing is simple and the learning is deep. You can easily involve your friends and family members for any of these walks. Feel free to go through the lessons at your own pace. No sign-ups required!

Nature is all around us. Practice these nature connection activities on your nature trips, in city forests, neighbourhood parks, and even your own garden. With screen addictions slowly taking control over our lives, it has become even more urgent to get in touch with nature in a meaningful way. Let nature guide you and lead you to what you seek.


Benefits of nature are well researched and proven for people of all age-groups (link). This course aims to help you realize them in ways that are easy, engaging and highly enriching. Spend a little time in nature and you’ll save precious hours and hundreds, by keeping yourself healthy and mentally fit.

Healing Nature Walks - Course outline
Healing Nature Walks - Free Downloads


PERSONAL USE: Take nature’s help in finding calm, creativity, and clarity for yourself and your loved ones. The course is made available in the giving spirit of trees. You can offer whatever feels right to you. Click on the button below. *School teachers need not pay and can simply fill this form.

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PROFESSIONAL USE: For wellness professionals and nature based companies, this course offers a range of tools to connect with diverse people and helps you spread health and happiness, through nature. Suggested price: 15 US$ (or choose an amount & currency that feels right to you and use the button above). Each lesson includes beautiful downloads to increase your outreach as well as impact.

Healing Forest Course (For Professionals)

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This course is a personal journey between you and nature. And yet, through the different lessons in this course you will be planting seeds of positive change all around you.

Learning: 250+ people have gone through our learning program and in turn are leading many healing nature walks for others.  
Engagement:  135,000+ people have read through the articles on our website
Awareness:  725,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40+ cities.
Rewilding: At the end of every year 25% of our donations are given to non-profits that work on reforestation and protection of old forests.


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Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal. Through this learning program, we are working on the essence of our well being. Our relationships. Relationship with self, with others and with nature. May the forest calm always be with you.