Nature Play Walks

Create Walks That Create Change

Nature Play is a set of magical walks for friends and families, to master the game of Life. Learn highly useful skills for our future through creativity and nature. Skills you can’t learn from schools, books, or internet.

A priceless gift for your future self.

Nature has perfected the art of relationships, so why do humans struggle at it? Step outside the box to boost your mind, body and people skills. To play together, is to grow together.

12 Magical Walks

Jul: Peace Walk
How to create calm in your mind.

Aug: Ideas Walk
How to find clarity and make better decisions.

Sep: Numbers Walk
How to learn the language of the Universe and be friends with numbers.

Oct: Communication Walk
Nature’s tips for becoming a better speaker and listener.

Nov: Empathy walk
How to understand others and yourself.

Dec: Resilience Walk
How to deal with breakups, conflict, and hurt.

Jan: Relationship Walk
How to make friends and keep them.

Feb: Treasure Walk
How to be wealthy in life.

Mar: Happiness walk
How to create joy and purpose out of nothing.

April: Mind Walk
How to grow your mind with nature.

May: Creativity Walk
How to find creativity and inspiration through nature.

Jun: Confidence Walk
How to build your confidence and self-worth.

How To Participate

This is a free project, offered in the giving spirit of trees. You will receive new activities once a month via email. Press the button below to find your inspiration.

REQUEST: The average youth in a city spends 5 to 8 hours a day in front of a digital screen but hardly any time outside. Nature needs more friends, urgently. Please do share this page before joining.

May the wisdom of nature always guide you.

If you wish, you can show your support by donating through our resources page. To collect all the lessons in one place along with many other tools, try our Nature Calm course.

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