Words that heal


Writing is therapeutic. Writing in nature – meditative.

Writing helps to give direction to our thoughts. From clouds of voluminous chatter in the mind, words drop on to paper like gentle rain, turning into streams of sentences. These streams follow their own path to uncover what is hidden and discover what is waiting to be discovered. It is a way to ignite creativity, curiosity and a deeper enquiry into the self.

Writing about nature leads to an increased awareness of our surroundings. This simple activity is an exercise to enhance our attention and also become aware of our own state of being. Nature is a place where one can observe our outer and inner landscape. Every person has a unique way of perceiving life and things around them. You begin to discover this uniqueness when you channelise your memories and imagination in a creative way.


Writing in nature is a also a way to reconnect to a calmer self. Putting words on paper brings us back into the present moment and by paying attention to our senses and breath we can reach a state of relaxed ease. When one is relaxed and calm, it is easier to get creative insights about the questions in our mind.



Our mind is a forest of memories, ideas and observations. Let us explore the power of words to rediscover the nature around us and the nature within us.

Given below is a list of simple writing games which can be incorporated into an engaging walk for all age groups. The aim of these games is to build your awareness and curiosity. We hope this practise leads you to calm, creativity and clarity.

  • Senses: Pick any one of the senses. Describe your surroundings keeping that sense in focus.
  • Objects: Choose any object in nature, create a puzzle around it. Let others in the group guess what object you picked.
  • Emotions: Take an emotion that you are feeling. Include it in a 3 line poem.
  • Characters: Pick the oldest tree around or a tree that is special to you. Spend time with it and write the story of its life.

If you send your poems, puzzles, stories or reflections from the nature walk to us, we will curate them into a meditative collection called ‘Nature Notes

Please share it with friends who may find it of interest. Here’s a link to download some posters, in case you’d like to create an event for people in your city.



Fewer people are spending time in nature these days. This distance is affecting our health – as individuals, as a society and also as a planet. To counter this unhealthy trend we’d like to invite you to participate in a collaborative project.

Please send us you writing on nature and join our collective of like minded nature loving friends. You can submit your writing on our Facebook group .

The intention of this idea is to bring nature back into conversations and inspire more people to connect with forests in creative ways. Let’s do this as a collective.


Please subscribe to our free monthly blog posts here. We are a small group of friends trying to find new ways to reconnect people with nature. Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences and suggestions for more writing games. Please add them in the comments section below to grow our collective learning.


2 thoughts on “Words that heal

  1. Open your senses and notice what you hear-smell-touch-see. Start by connecting with one sense using word association to prompt your writing. For example, seeing green = money, begin freestyle writing about money. Close your eyes and touch the tree bark, then describe what sensations immediately come to mind, allowing the words to flow on their own. Utilizing your senses is a sure way to expand your writing with more vivid detail, while also enhancing your own connection to nature, and to your readers.

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to share our nature perspectives and writings.
    I’d like to share my recently launched book now available on Amazon, “Strength from Nature—Simple Lessons of Life Taught By the Most Unlikely Masters: The Nature Teachers.”
    Each chapter features everything from a scraggly weed to a rock, waves, mighty forests, butterflies and much more offering to help us face our human challenges with a greater appreciation for all life on this planet.

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