India’s Healing Forests – Film

Explore some fascinating forests across India and find out the remarkable ways in which forests can heal our body, mind, and spirit.
Film Duration: 50 minutes | Language: English


All our knowledge comes from nature and yet nature is a source of many mysteries.

India is a country of breathtaking natural beauty. What is less known is India’s wealth of ancient knowledge about connecting with nature to create a more meaningful life. Travel with us on a journey through lush rainforests, sacred groves, cloud forests, city forests, food forests and deep valleys of the Himalayas to unravel some of these mysteries.

The film unfolds through inspiring stories of people whose lives are intricately woven with forests. Through their insights as well as new scientific findings we explore the remarkable healing powers of nature.

We hope to leave you with a feeling of calm and clarity, and some important clues to help you solve one of the greatest mysteries of your life – How to create a healthier, happier life for yourself and your loved ones.

The forests are waiting.
Come home.



The film is structured in the journey of a human life. Just like a river that starts off in the mountains and flows into the sea. We recommend you watch it one section at a time. Start with the section you feel most connected to.
1 Kids: Attention Span, Anger, Addiction, Agility [1.35 to 10.25]
2 Youth: Compassion, Anxiety, Creativity, Sleep [10.25 to 20.15]
3 Adults: Stress, Simplicity, Food, Immunity [20.15 to 29.30]
4 Middle Age: Pollution, Perception, Meditation, Depression [29.30 to 39.00]
5 Seniors: Loneliness, Self-Healing, Death, Wisdom [39.00 to 50.00] *Most Important

For specific chapters click on these links: KIDS | YOUTH | ADULTS | MIDDLE AGE | SENIORS . Recommended viewing on full screen with headphones.

Please share this film in your circles. Our world could use a little healing.

*Download: You can download our film posters, synopsis and nature stills at this link. To organize a non-commercial screening of this film in your community and get a free downloadable link, please connect with us through this page.



Here’s a list of the groups and initiatives featured in the film. Visit their websites to know more about their work.

Chirag School, Kumaon | Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore | Pravah, New Delhi | New Delhi Nature Society | Sadhana Forest, Auroville | Green Hub | Hindustan Kalarisangam, Kerala | Journeys with Meaning | Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Meghalaya | Foundation for Contemplation of Nature | Aranyaani Natural Food Forest | Sehat Van | Lung Care Foundation | I am Gurgaon | Anita Rajah, Clinical Psychologist | Alaap, Kumaon | Navdarshanam, Tamil Nadu | Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kerala | Aranyaka Upanishad, Uttarakhand | Healing Forest Walks

Film Credits:
Film: Nitin Das | Producer & Commissioning Editor: Rajiv Mehrotra | Executive Producers: Tulika Srivastava and Ridhima Mehra | Music: Borrtex | Voice: Mina Lepps | Assistant: Arghadeep Barua | Advice on Sound: Asheesh Pandya | Constructive feedback: Sudhir Tandon, Sunil Chauhan, Neelam Ahluwalia



India’s Healing Forests is a remarkable and enlightening exploration of the many ways that the well-being of people is deeply interwoven with forests. The film demonstrates that at all times on our life’s journey — from childhood to death — our relationships with trees and other forest creatures are vital parts of our lives. This is a reciprocal relationship: in our modern world we need forests and forests need our care.” ~ David George Haskell, author of The Songs of Trees and Pulitzer finalist, The Forest Unseen. Professor, University of the South.”

** A few more thoughts and emotions are growing in the comments section below. Feel free to plant yours too. It gives us encouragement and adds strength to the film.


In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, we are spending lesser time in nature. Signs of this rapid change are showing up not just in our own health but also the health of our society and our planet.

Beyond the film, we have created a wonderful online learning program to introduce you to the concept of Healing Forest walks. Try it out and see what the forests have to offer you. Link to the nature healing program.


11 Comments on “India’s Healing Forests – Film

  1. It is sheer pleasure to know that nature has the answer for all our questions. Needless to say, the marvellous people who partake the amazing documentary deserves a global applause for their humble effort to cultivate such a noble awareness. Undoubtedly, this is how we all should live and it never late to dwell in nature and experience a whole new life filled with serenity.

    Once again, couldn’t be more thankful for presenting this immeasurable treasure of knowledge to the world.

    Much love,



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