If you are reading these words, then you have gone through all the basic lessons from our learning program. Thank you for being with us on this journey. We hope you found some new insights and ideas along the way. And these walks and activities gave you some beautiful nature memories to treasure. Now it’s time to expand your circle of influence.


In a remote corner of the Himalayas, people from a Buddhist sect have a tradition of tying colourful flags all over the countryside. These flags have prayers written on them. The belief is that the wind will carry these prayers across the world and reach places where they are needed the most. 

Just like the prayers on the flags, this learning program has reached you for a reason. Please share your learning where it is needed and do take other people out into nature whenever you can.

Humans as a species are spending less and less time in nature. By taking people out into nature you are sowing the seeds for a healthier planet and creating conscious communities. Because what we connect with, we love. And what we love, we protect.



As you begin to lead walks for other people, don’t forget to be mindful of your own feelings. When you enjoy the walk yourself, people in your group will also be affected by your calm. It may be a bit challenging in the first few walks that you lead, but learn to trust nature.

The greatest impact of these walks happen when people find their own connection with nature. Your role as a walk leader is not to give advice or counselling. It is to create a safe space for others and allow nature to do it’s work.

leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

~Tao Te Ching


On our own, we are like solitary trees, but when we come together we become a forest of friends. In case you would like to connect with like-minded individuals and create something meaningful together you can join our global community of forest friends. One of the main goals of this network is to support each other in our learning. 

Through the network, we will also conduct 2 healing forest walks in each of our cities every year. One in spring, the other in autumn. The walks are open to all and can be free of charge or based on a gift culture (accept whatever is given with grace).

To join the forest friends simply fill in this form.


We would love to hear your experience from the learning program so far. Your words add strength to our work and keeps us motivated. Also if you have any new ideas / suggestions, it will help us grow and make our course more effective.

Please send us an email at: healingforest(dot)org(at)gmail(dot)com or add your thoughts in the comment section below. Do mention your city, and country too. We look forward to hearing from you.


NOTE: The forest holds answers to questions we have yet to ask. Our connection with nature is a continuously unfolding story. Just like any other relationship, the more we invest in it, the more it grows. We wish you the very best for your adventures in life. May the forest calm always be with you. 

Slow yourself | Know yourself | Grow yourself


A lot of hard work and love has gone into creating this learning program. We rely on your word of mouth to reach more people. Could you please share this link: healingforest.org/learn in your circles on social media.

This course is offered in the giving spirit of the trees. In case you would like to gift this course to someone who will benefit from it please donate here. We will accept with gratitude whatever you send our way. Your support helps us spread the seeds of this idea further and brings people and forests closer to each other.

Here is the donation link (Any card, any currency)

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Any amount in any currency. Pay what feels right to you. We will mail you a copy of the lessons that you can share with any person of your choice.

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