Healing Forest is a journey to learn the art of healing through nature, and know the science behind nature healing. We share ideas that bring you and forests closer to each other.  Join us in this exploration of fascinating forests and their remarkable healing powers.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping Forests heal.

Forests are known to have great healing properties. As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. New research on healing powers of nature show multiple benefits for our mental health, relieving stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression. It boosts our body’s immunity, energy levels and healing ability and improves our mood, sleep, and concentration. Being in nature has a direct influence on our social relationships and emotional well-being.

Countries like South Korea and Japan have designated healing forests. Forests that one can go to find calm, balance and good health. Forests that help people recover, relax and revive.

Just like the forest, this site has many beautiful secrets. The more you explore, the more you will find. If this idea interests you, please subscribe to this blog with your email.

Healing in Nature

Here are some of the things we hope to do:
Organize healing nature walks. Help people learn how to find peace, purpose and healing in nature. Share forest wisdom of the elders. Bring out new films and articles on various nature meditations and mindfulness activities. Curate nature based arts and forest games from around the world. Publish stories from amazing places. Discover fascinating forests that can serve as healing forests. Do action projects that give back to nature. Create conscious communities.

Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

Healing from nature

Check out our Healing Forest learning program with over 100+ mindful nature activities from around the world or click on these links to read our latest blog posts. Please share our site with people who might find this helpful.


85 thoughts on “HEALING FOREST

  1. I watched the film “India ‘s healing forests” yesterday, reminding firstly to myself the connection with the Nature and after to friends and family. I had very interesting shared discussions about the topic and the only feedback I have is the “feed-back” to the soul.. Thank you!

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    1. Hello ! I cannot believe my good fortune in discoveringv your site ! I could not help but think , that at last , I have found “ my people “!! …I have always gone to the forests for comfort , for healing , for stillness . Every time I am In the forest I always feel like it is the world as it should be and every time I come out of it , I feel cleansed and reborn . My favorite time is walking just after the rain in the old growth redwood forests in Northern California with the sunlight filtering through the trees . Of course , the challenge is to be able to bring that magic and stillness back to our daily lives . … Perhaps someday you would be able to organize an actual meetup of forest lovers in whatever part of the world that would work out . It would be so great to meet with like minded people .

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    2. You could start to make this dream of a healing forest meet up a reality. Link up with all the healing forests on social media and start connecting to those posting in the comments section.
      Build an online community, get involved with local forest restoration and coordinate forest bathing sessions. And keep me in the loop.


    3. It’s same things happening with me.its like my soul lives in those fragrant smell of flowers,those mountains,rivers,forests.I can’t get those feelings and emotions in this this busy world.Thats why I have planned to get a job in North East India after completing my studies.so that everyday I can sleep on the lap of nature..


  2. This a relevant haiku poem of mine that was recently published in The Asahi Shimbun. I’d like to share it with all of you:
    autumn stroll
    I let the trees teach me
    to let go

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