Healing Forest is a learning journey to know the art of healing through nature, and the science behind nature healing. Discover your own path in the woods that leads to peace, purpose and good health. We share the best ideas and practices from across the planet. Through creativity and mindfulness we help you experience nature’s healing powers. Join us to explore fascinating forests and beautiful nature connection activities.

“Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal.”

Countries around the world are uncovering scientific proof about the remarkable healing abilities of nature. Japan and South Korea have even developed the wonderful practice of forest bathing. With our overloaded minds, overworked bodies, and overwhelmed souls, returning to nature can yield surprising results. Here’s a short 5 minute video that shows you how.

As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. Multiple research on the healing powers of nature has shown a variety of benefits for our mental, and physical health. It provides a simple and effective way for avoiding stress, anxiety, depression, as well as reducing their ill-effects. Connecting with nature boosts our body’s immunity, energy levels and healing ability. It improves our mood, sleep, memory as well as focus. Nature also has a soothing influence on our relationships and emotional well-being.

Find your calm

A peaceful mind and a healthy body are invaluable gifts. Learning new ways of taking care of our own wellbeing, sends ripples of positive change across our lives. Please try our Nature Calm course with over 100+ ideas for your mind and body, heart and soul.

Just like the forest, this site has many treasures waiting to be discovered. Inspiring articles, films, and stories filled with new insights. The more you explore, the more you find. Do subscribe to our newsletter and receive fresh ideas from our blog in your inbox, once every month.

85 thoughts on “HEALING FOREST

    1. 09/25/18
      Hello!! I have Nature Right in my Back
      Yard. It looks like a Rain Forest. It has Lots
      of Trees, Bushes, Poison Ivy’s & Oak, Sticker Climbers and Other Nature things,
      Plus 🦅 all kinds of Birds. etc…..
      Below that we have a Trail for People to Walk, Run, and Bike 🚲 Ridding, from
      PERTH AMBOY, HOPELAWN, FORDS, EDISON, and METUCHEN. The Pavement goes that far, and You can get off any Street that has a Exit & a Entrance. Try it
      You will Like it Very Much, I walked to my Doctors on May St. Edison, NJ. It was about
      1-1/2 mile one way so I walked Home too.
      It Equaled to 3 miles. I was so Fatigue afterwards I took a 💤 Nap.💤 😴 I haven’t walk since that day but you can.
      Take Care. Bye!!!👋 Shalom!!!!!

      Love ❤️ Always,
      Your Friend,
      Eileen A. Berg – Schreibman
      Hugs 🤗
      Handshakes 🤝


  1. Hello Nitin, I see that a comment I wrote back in Dec 2017 is still awaiting moderation. Could you please let me know if it was inappropriate? Was I violating your guidelines? I just wanted to share a powerful way to support forests and the earth and apologize if I broke any rules.


  2. I really liked the video and do agree with the messages yet I’m also aware that even when if one lives in beautiful surroundings for example New Zealand you still find people depressed and low.
    My daughter lives in NZ and we often see this parallel. Perhaps it’s more about appreciation and having the wisdom to take in each day what is already available to us from the elements; The sky, the warmth of the sun, the moisture of rain, the sunsets, the fantastic storms, etc etc
    I’ve shared your video to my meditation group .
    Thank you for your work.


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