Forest Friends

A Journey of Change

Forest friends is an on-line program that brings like-minded people together to make a difference for our forests, our communities, and our selves. Over the course of 7 weeks we learn to design and create nature programs that use creativity and mindfulness to connect people with nature. As individuals we are like solitary trees, but when we come together we become a forest.

In a world of concrete, learn to be a healing forest

The aim of this program is to create compassionate communities that are deeply rooted in nature. By combining the myriad benefits of mindfulness and nature we are able to plant seeds of peace, purpose and good health. This signature 7-Week program is for people who feel an inner drive to share their love for nature with others. Join us to learn new tools and techniques. Use them to create positive ripples of inner and outer change.


In the program you will be guided to design a variety of mindful nature walks, uniquely customised for your area and community. The walks are based on some of the best ideas and practices from around the world, including the Japanese concept of Shinrin-yoku.

Connect with friends who think and feel like you.

The fellowship is a chance to connect with a group of kindred souls. As a group we support, inspire, and motivate each other to create a meaningful impact for our planet. Beyond the design, you will learn how to create and tell stories using digital tools to reach out to a larger audience. We will also share ideas for raising funds and supporting those who are working for our forests.

Join us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and learning from the greatest teacher of all – Nature. 

Given the state of our environment, one often feels helpless and in parts a little anxious, angry, and sad. The role of this fellowship is to fill you with hope, energy, and direction.

Forests across the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. At the same time the connect between people and nature is also decreasing. As a species we are spending more time indoors or in front of screens. Unhealthy habits and environments are affecting our health at an unprecedented scale. Anxiety, Burnout, Stress, Depression are increasing day by day. Therefore, we see an urgent need for bringing people and nature closer to each other. People who are connected to nature are the ones who will protect it.

To address these issues we are creating a network of forest friends that can help in cultivating a kinder, calmer world – for people as well as the planet. The healing forest program is built on a global collective of like-minded individuals. The potential is immense, but only if you are ready to take on the challenge.

Our time on Earth is our true wealth. Let’s spend it to grow a better planet.


The training will be through online sessions on Skype. The schedule of the sessions is decided in consultation with the participants. You will be part of a small group of up to 7 fellow travellers spread across the world. The participants will play a key role in co-designing and co-creating their own learning journey. After each session, individuals are expected to do specific nature based assignments on their own so that insights and learning can be shared with each other

Since the number of applicants is higher than our current capacity, preference will be given to people who have the greatest match with our own value systems. As a group, we hold each other accountable and work as a team to achieve the goals we set. For those who prefer to learn on their own, we recommend our Nature Calm course.

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together

Our participants have a deep interest in self enquiry, creativity, and share a close bond with nature. We require basic level of proficiency in English, computer and camera skills. It would be helpful to have some prior experience in nature based community programs. 


The forest friends program is offered in the giving spirit of trees. Based on the goals you decide for yourself in the program, you choose what you wish to pay us, and when. However, we ask the selected participants to send us a deposit of 70 US$ as a sign of their commitment and also to filter out casual applicants. This amount is refundable on course completion or it can be adjusted against the fees you decide for yourself.

Our success is based on your success. 

*If you are short on funds, you can opt for a Volunteer-pay option. Volunteers deposit only half the amount (35US$) and are expected to spend 1 hr per week for 5 weeks to grow the healing forest project.


Given below is a brief outline of the 7 week program. In these interactive modules we will navigate through various concepts and ideas for creating mindful nature walks in your community. The group session will also focus on your individual needs, and the needs of the community you work with. The intention is to sow and nurture seeds of change that last beyond our individual lifetimes.

Create mindful nature programs ~ customised by your community and their interests

Creating a vision for your journey
Assessing where you currently are
Preparing a trail map from here to there
Setting individual and group goals

Principles and Design
Forest Mindfulness
Nature Art and Photography
Creative Writing & Storytelling
Relationship Walks
Insight Meditation and Nature Connection
Common problems and how to handle them

Effective Communications – Growing your outreach
Using images, visuals, video
Using words and infographics
Creating communities through projects

Making Numbers Count
Successful Ideas and Concepts
Soul of money – Sustainable models

Creating and Measuring Impact
Hurdles and Challenges
Learning Journey – Scaling up and Growth


In essence, this journey is about learning to learn from nature. It is about exploring our own inner nature, finding out what our strengths are, and how we can apply them to make a difference for the nature outside. 

The road may be challenging and filled with uncertainties, but the journey is more fun when you travel with some like-minded friends.

APPLICATION for the forest friends program is available at this link.
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