Healing Forest offers you unique ways to create a calm mind, a healthy body, and a peaceful life with nature, in nature. Discover the remarkable art and science of nature healing. Through creativity, mindfulness, and nature we show you how to grow your calm and resilience to deal with the storms of life.

Join us to explore fascinating forests and beautiful nature connection activities. We share the best ideas and concepts from around the world. See what nature can do for you, and those who matter to you.

Let nature be your teacher

Our lives are increasingly being lost within walls and screens. But countries across the planet are uncovering scientific proof about the healing effects of nature. Japan and South Korea have even created the wonderful practice of forest bathing. With our overloaded minds, overworked bodies, and overwhelmed souls, returning to nature can yield surprising results. Here’s a short video that explains how.

Healing Forest

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Our aim is to help people heal by connecting them with nature. And also to help forests heal through volunteer projects.

Healing Forest Poem

Calm for your mind, body, life

As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. Multiple research on the healing potential of nature has shown a variety of benefits for our physical, and mental health. It provides an easy and effective way for avoiding stress, anxiety, depression, as well as reducing their ill-effects. Connecting with nature boosts our body’s immunity, energy levels and healing ability. It improves our mood, sleep, memory as well as focus. Nature also has a soothing influence on our relationships and emotional well-being.

Nature Healing

Try our Nature Calm course with over 100+ ideas for your mind and body, heart and soul. Learn how to tap into the healing powers of nature and create ripples of positive change across your life.

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83 thoughts on “HEALING FOREST

  1. I wish I had one. For the last eighteen months or so, I have been unable to leave home, and am stuck in my room 95% of the time. When I watched your film, I really broke down as I miss nature with all my heart…

    Do you have any ideas on what I could do to get that peaceful feeling again?


    1. Dear Nan,
      Thank you for reaching out. While there are no direct answers, here are a few pointers. This month we are creating a guest post on flower therapy which talks of the healing abilities of flowers. Also check out the Japanese art of Bonsai. It’s about creating a mini forest in your own home. In the end, the healing process is more about carrying nature in your heart and not just being in nature.
      Wishing you great peace and calm.


    2. I would love to learn more about this flower therapy. I will be teaching a class on flower illustration this summer. It might be helpful to know about flower therapy and how flowers in particular can help us feel calm. Please keep me posted!


    3. Do you have a window in your room? Maybe someone could put a bird feeder outside your window so you could watch them eat.


    4. Nan,

      On YouTube, I have posted brief videos of my Healing Forest walks throughout Colorado.
      While you are bedridden you can view them for uplift. Just search my name in YouTube: ‘ria fenty’.
      Heal swiftly.

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    5. Nan.
      I am saddened that you have to stay indoors for almost all of your day. One thing that came to me mind that may help is to ask someone to bring the elements of nature to you. For example a sound track of nature sounds with someone walking through a forest. You will hear the crunch of each surface as they walk. Also have someone bring you a small water fountain for a babbling brook sound. Then you can have some one bring you elements from a forest that you can touch and smell like smooth drift wood, a sharp evergreen branch, stones from water ways rough and harsh and also some things to smell from nature. This way your senses can experience it; your ears can hear it; you nose can smell it; and you hands can touch it. Ask someone you love to bring nature…. to you! Many blessings Kristi from Canada


    6. Hello Nan,
      I was so deeply grieved when I had to return to the city after living for a year in the forest, I never would even go out to a park. But just watching these films rekindles the forest energy in my body again so strongly! My heart rises up in the rushing joy and wonder of my walks through the woods each night. If the films stir that in you, perhaps could watch the films each day, and bathe in the eternal and blessed memory of those living energies reactivated in your body and heart. Love to you, Ann


  2. When great stress has erupted in my life, I have instinctively turned to the woods and nature for solace and healing. Waiting for results of medical tests, mind awash with anxiety, it was February a couple of years ago. All the woods here covered in snow, the cold and winds too harsh to spend time outdoors, I found myself fleeing to the warmth and greenery of a local Conservatory. There, in the “tropical” room, surrounded by enormous palms and with the music of a small waterfall, my heart and mind were still and calm. I went every day for that tense week, staying for hours in the arms of Mother Nature. The tests came back OK. I love a small park near my home with nature trails. Amazingly underused, I often have it to myself. Solitude, nature, birds, a small wetland/swamp area and a pond as well as trails in the woods. This, to me, is what Heaven is.

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  3. ‘I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life, sometimes on multiple occasions, when they experience the overwhelming urge to call out to God. I was always fascinated with hiking and the woods. That realization was the turning point in my life when I lost someone very close to me. I began facing my shadow, the dark parts of me and my shame. The older I get, the more cynical I become with myself. There’s a lot in life you just can’t change. It’s okay because it’s temporary. I was struggling with moving past a traumatic incident with my aunt that passed away and I found it difficult to overcome anxiety and depression, I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am. Whatever your anxiety or trauma is about, change your way of thought….get away from negative thoughts and start chasing adventures.
    “Life is a journey.” The woods are definitely where I feel most at home.”


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