Nature is healing. For thousands of years our ancestors hunted, gathered, and survived in the wilderness. Endless grasslands, dense forests and vast stretches of green were an integral part of a place we called home.

But in today’s world, the green spaces are replaced by urban structures, crowded places and polluted environments. This rapid change puts an unwanted pressure on our body and mind. As a result we have seen that chronic illnesses, stress, depression, anxiety and other ailments are on the rise. Also as a society, there is an increase in apathy, anger, intolerance, and loneliness.

The aim of this project is to help people heal by reconnecting with nature. And also to help forests heal through volunteer projects.

“Our health is linked to the health of the environment we live in.”

Extract from Korea Forest Service (link)Forest Therapy: Society is aging, being industrialized and modernized at a rapid pace. There is a resulting tendency that environmental diseases, chronic illness and senile diseases are increasing. It is said that fundamental treatments for those diseases are limited, so it draws more attention to nature treatment. Forests are believed to have a variety of natural elements good for health, such as phytoncide, anions, comforting scenery and natural soils.To promote people’s health, using nature’s healing power, the KFS has created therapy forests. They are now on operation equipped with convenience facilities, simple sports facilities, etc. There is also a visitor center, meditation spaces, rest areas and healing forest trails.Here’s another helpful article from National Geographic magazine on the impact of spending time in nature on our brain.


HEALING FOREST is an idea to discover and promote the healing powers of nature. Through films, nature walks, articles and activities we hope to create greater awareness about the link between us and nature. The intention is to create a small community of people who can lead healing forest walks that connect people with nature and create a healthy society and a healthy planet .

Learning: 200+ people have gone through our learning program.  
Engagement:  135,000+ people have read through the articles on our website
Awareness:  725,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40+ cities.


You: If you believe in the healing powers of nature, please consider joining us. Subscribe to our blog at this link to stay updated on new films, stories, nature walks, action projects and volunteer opportunities. We also have a group on Facebook: ART of NATURE

Us: We are a small group of people who love nature. You can join us after completing the basic lessons from our nature healing program. As individuals we conduct multiple nature walks in our communities and share learning and ideas with each other.

For specific inquiries please write to us at: healingforest(dot)org(at)gmail(dot)com




42 thoughts on “Healing Through Nature

    1. Hi Camilla,
      that sounds like great work you are doing too. I wonder if your work could help our depraved, deeply corrupt Australian government change the laws which have opened up our native forests to clearing and burning for electricity. It is very scary, and happening around the world. I hope your work can reach the people who are pushing this irresponsible and criminal scheme, “biomass”
      Please get in touch with us if you think there could be some links: North East Forest Alliance


  1. I came to the forest in Ireland from the States after the death of my husband of 33 years, in 2013. My soul’s home and my solace were found in this forest. I bought a home on the edge of the forest park, got involved with the LEAF program, and the rest is history. I have become very aware of the environment of my own property here in the forest and of the many acres of forest adjacent to my property here. I think there may actually be more than “40 shades of green”!


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