Forest Story – Dream Giver

Legend says that somewhere deep in the forest of the Himalayas is a strange bird that lays psychedelic eggs. Eating them will give you highly vivid hallucinations. The indigenous shamans believe that these visions are from your past life.

I am accompanying my friend Mei Pin and her team on a quest to find out whether this story is true or not, and to document the journey. Mei Pin is a Singaporean food connoisseur and experimenter. By genetically cloning the compounds in the  psychedelic egg she wants to set up a chain of high food joints. Dishes that help you discover who you are.

The shamans have warned us of great challenges in our path. The bird or egg has not been seen in living memory. But for Mei Pin the quest is not just about adventure or entrepreneurship, it also about finding life’s true purpose. 

Week 1

Deep in the forest, one steps forth into a world of mysteries. In this vastness of unmapped, unexplored territory, how do you find something that no one has ever seen?

To find a bird, one must become the bird. Every impossible task can be broken down into small possible steps. Our first step was to locate a rare species of bioluminescent mushrooms. These mushrooms were thought to give the egg its psychedelic powers. It was a favourite food source of the illusive bird.

Week 4

Today after a hunting for 3 weeks in dense riverine rainforest, battling the weather elements as well as giant mosquitoes that can pierce elephant skin, we have finally located what we think are the coveted food source of our magic bird. And now it is a game of patience. Will we get lucky? After all, when you go on a wild journey, instead of looking for purpose sometimes it is wiser to wait and let purpose find you.

Week 7

There you have it. A mythical bird that closely resembles the Himalayan Monal, but with minute differences. In the local language it is known as ‘Mumang Petu’ which can be translated as the dream giver. The credit for spotting the bird goes to my friend Vohbica – an exceptionally talented tracker who works in Dampa National Tiger reserve in Mizoram.

In the depths of the ancient forest, nestled among the softest moss, we find our treasured dream egg. Its mesmerising hue glows with an otherworldly radiance. As one gazes into its ethereal depths, intricate patterns dance and morph, unveiling a tapestry of mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Using advanced tech we scrape off nano dust particles from the egg shell without disturbing it. The dna from cells is fused with a strain of yeast which is cultured in an incubator until we have enough to add to our traditional omelette. The omelette holds the power to transport the curious and the brave into an extraordinary world where reality merges with the fantastical. What visions will we see? … We are about to find out.

Mind, space, and time have a strange relationship. But inside my dream the concept of time and space became a kaleidoscopic pattern.  I turned into an ancient forest where neon blue eggs, like glowing orbs, dotted the undergrowth, pulsating with energy. Was it a dream or was it a prophecy?

The next morning everything had changed. Things that we thought were important in life, no longer held meaning. The greatest transformation was in Mei Pin. She felt that in the past life, she had been an incarnation of the dream giver bird. And her idyllic happy life had been cut short by the desires and dreams of humans.

“To imagine the impossible, is to sow the seeds of making it possible some day.”

Mei Pin’s new dream is to open eco-schools in remote forest villages. Schools where the beauty, wonders, and mysteries of nature are cherished and protected. A school that aims to open hearts, not just minds, so that all creatures big and small can have a better future for their kin. Where students learn that finding true purpose is mix of what you need from life, and more importantly what the world needs of you.

This forest story is a figment of my imagination, and draws on memories from my travels in the remote forests of eastern Himalaya. The images have been generated using an AI program. It is an experiment to make use of new tools to fill our minds with wonder and inspiration. When we imagine the impossible, we sow the seeds of making it possible someday.

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