How can we tap into the wisdom of nature to grow in life? Featured on this page is a curated selection of articles, films, poems, and stories that share some useful insights from the natural world.

Let us venture into the woods together to bring new light and life into the forest of our mind.

For those of you who wish to create your own learning experiences, please try our Nature Calm course. The course features 100+ nature activities that take you on a journey of change and transformation through nature.

All articles contain a few forest gifts for you. Explore them at your own pace and share the ones you like, so it reaches those who might need it. After all, wisdom grows when it is shared. This page will evolve with time as new articles keep getting added. To get inspiring new ideas once a month, subscribe to our nature newsletter.

Posts of Interest

Forest Bathing

The state of our mind, designs the state of our life. In this article series we look at the practice of Forest Bathing – a simple way to relax your mind, revitalise your body, and rediscover your Self. We answer important questions about Forest Bathing, its principles and its practice; why it has become specially relevant in today’s turbulent times and how we can benefit from it.

Forest Bathing – What, How, Where?
Forest Bathing Tips from South Korea
Forest Bathing – Notes from Finland


Let the rivers of the world show you how to be resilient in life. Dive in, as we share inspiring examples and stories of resilience from the rivers. Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Floating down the river of time, each one of us will meet our own set of obstacles, hurdles and difficulties. How we overcome them or deal with them is based on our resilience.

Resilience – Stories and Examples from Rivers

Nature Insights

Insight learning is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something. It is a fascinating process of the human mind to transform what is observed in the outer world into a simple idea that expands our inner world exponentially. Here’s a selection of some invaluable lessons from nature that one can apply at work, in relationships, and in life.

Nature Insights – Wisdom To Grow

Empathy Walk

All relationships in life go through cycles and seasons. Therefore, we need a reliable way to navigate through the ups & downs. Empathy is the glue that binds our relationships. So how do we learn and teach empathy through nature? Let us show you an engaging way to do so. All you need is a notebook to pen down your observations or a camera to capture your findings.

Empathy Walks in Nature

Nature Poem, Forest Song

There are many gifts that trees and forests give us. Some of them are obvious, but some remain hidden. Spending a few mindful moments with the trees brings them back to our attention. Travel with us to some of the wildest places of our amazing planet. Here’s a short poem and a forest song that urges you to come closer to nature and add some wildness to your soul.

Nature Poem – Wild Soul
Forest Song – Breathe

Art of Communication

Flowers have mastered the art of communication over a hundred million years. They have crafted and perfected this skill because their very survival depends on it. What they have realised is that the secret to great communication is a mix of the visible and the invisible. In this article you will find 7 intriguing tips from flowers on how to better your communication skills.

Art of Communication – 7 Tips From Flowers

Nature Meditations

Nature meditations offer you simple ways to still your mind and re-center your spirit, so that you may deal better with the challenges of life. In this article we learn from wise masters, established teachers and wandering seekers. You will find a collection of exceptional meditations that take inspiration from Nature. The cloud, tree, forest, river, ocean, desert, and mountain can all show you the path of finding your calm in nature.

Nature Meditations – Find Your Calm

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You will find many useful resources across the site. Feel free to use what you may need and share what may help others. We are just scattering seeds of peace in world that needs a lot of healing.

For those who love nature, don’t forget to try our Nature Calm course to deepen your journey of learning and healing through nature.

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