Nature knows, what you are searching for. Here’s a simple online course to help you discover the many ways we can engage with nature to experience moments of deep calm, enhance our creativity and find greater clarity in facing life’s challenges. 

Through the course, you will learn a variety of nature games, activities and meditations that help us reconnect with nature and ourselves. Participants will be introduced to structured walks that involve sense training, nature art, photography meditation, creative writing, and mindfulness. We will also share the basic concepts and ideas in the practice of Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese concept of forest bathing.


Don’t burn out. This program is meant for people who wish to know more about the healing abilities of forests. It’s for people who would like to take control of their mental health and emotional well-being. For seekers who would love to grow their connection with nature and go on a journey within. And also for folks who want to bridge the gap between their families, communities, and nature.


The course is currently in English and we have instructions for five different nature walks. You can easily involve your friends and family members for each of these walks. Feel free to complete it at your own pace. (From 5 days to 5 weeks, depending on how often you can go out into nature). There are no sign-ups required. However, it would be nice to share your learning and progress with other people who are on a similar journey. Please post your pictures and share your thoughts on our Facebook group or via email. Use the tags #healingforest / #forestlearning in your posts to help us search for them.

Nature is all around us. Even if you can’t visit a forest, there are multiple options for trying out the simple activities we have in our program. From neighborhood parks to your own home garden or simply a tree you connect with. The entire process is about building a relationship between you and the environment. The real teacher is Nature. Our role is to assist you in finding your own connection and calm.


SOWING THE SEEDS – Course fees

This course is made available in the giving spirit of the trees. You are free to offer whatever suits you at any point in time. We will accept with gratitude whatever you send our way. Your support will help us spread the seeds of this idea further and bring people and forests closer to each other.

Donation link. (via Paypal – any card, any currency)


FRUITS OF LABOR  – IMPACT (as of June 2019)

Community: 75 forest friends trained 
Engagement:  118,000+ people have read through the articles on our website
Awareness:  450,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40 cities in 2018


In today’s world, green spaces are being replaced by urban structures, crowded places, and polluted environments. This rapid change is putting unwanted pressure on our body and mind. As a result, we are seeing that chronic illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension, sleep issues, and many other ailments are on the rise. Also as a society, there is an increase in apathy, anger, intolerance, and loneliness.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping forests heal. Through this learning program, we are working on the essence of our well being. Our relationships. Relationship with self, with others and with nature. After all, the path to healing lies inside us. May the forests help you find it.


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