Healing Forest is a journey to learn the art of healing through nature. We live in a complex world, facing challenges big and small each day. The twists and turns of life affect us in many ways. Therefore, learning to take control of our own wellbeing is an important skill. Discover how to find peace, purpose and good health with the help of nature. We share the best ideas and practices from around the world. Join us to explore fascinating forests and beautiful nature connection activities.

Our aim is simple. Helping people heal. Helping Forests heal.

Countries like South Korea and Japan have developed the practice of forest bathing and designated many areas as healing forests. Forests that one can immerse in to find calm, balance, and good health. Forests that help people relax, revive, and revitalise.

Just like the forest, this site has many beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered. The more you explore, the more you find. If this concept interests you, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter and receive new ideas in your inbox once every month.

Here are some of the things we hope to do:
Help people learn the art and science of Japanese forest bathing. Curate nature meditations, arts and games from around the world. Publish stories from amazing places. Share forest wisdom of the elders and indigenous people. Highlight inspiring projects and people working for nature. Discover fascinating forests that can serve as healing forests. Organize healing nature walks. Do action projects that give back to nature. Create change leaders and compassionate communities through our forest friends program

Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

Healing from nature

As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. Multiple research on the healing powers of nature have shown a variety of benefits for our mental and physical health. It provides a simple and efficient way for avoiding stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression as well as reducing their ill-effects. Connecting with nature boosts our body’s immunity, energy levels and healing ability. It improves our mood, sleep, memory as well as focus. Being in nature also has a healing influence on our social relationships and emotional well-being.

Check out our Nature Connect course with over 100+ mindful nature activities from around the world or click on these links to read our latest blog posts.
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Healing Forest Poem

85 thoughts on “HEALING FOREST

  1. Estimados,
    Soy de Pucón, Chile. Nos hace falta tener el video “How forests heal people” subtitulado en español. Podemos cooperar con la traducción, pues tenemos una excelente traductora entre nosotros. Hay posibilidades?, como podemos proceder?
    Saludos atentos
    Erg R.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a really good idea. I would love to watch this film with a Portuguese subtitle as well. I am a Brazilian Ecologist currently living in Cambridge, UK and I voluntary myself to translate the video to Portuguese. Looking forward to hearing from you!
      Andre Vasconcelos


  2. I have always looked up towards nature whenever my inner world is messed up, when I am sad, when I am angry, when I am lonely, basically when I want to rid myself of all these negative emotions. Nature inspires me, motivates me whenever I get stuck. No 1 person has ever helped/supported me emotionally so much as nature did. And I am forever grateful to realise the fact that as long as we are there nature is there because we are nature, we are all interconnected.


  3. A forest long ago, still lives in my memories, would love to go back. Along the coastline a little north of Mendocino, Caspar’s Wilderness or some such. Anyway, there were other places too, redwood forests, miss it so…..


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