For thousands of years our ancestors hunted, gathered, and survived in the wilderness. Endless grasslands, dense forests and vast stretches of green were an integral part of a place we called home.

But in today’s world, the green spaces are replaced by urban structures, crowded places and polluted environments. This rapid change puts an unwanted pressure on our body and mind. As a result we have seen that chronic illnesses, stress, depression, anxiety, burnout and other ailments are on the rise. Also as a society, there is an increase in apathy, anger, addictions, intolerance, and loneliness.

The aim of this project is to help people heal by reconnecting with nature. And also to help forests heal through volunteer projects.

“Our health is directly linked to the health of our environment.”


HEALING FOREST is an idea to discover and promote the healing powers of nature. Through films, nature walks, articles and activities we hope to create greater awareness about the link between us and nature. The intention is to create a small community of people who can lead healing forest walks that connect people with nature and create a healthy society as well as a healthy planet .

Our project is driven by volunteer led initiatives which include:
Organising healing nature walks. Helping people learn the art and science of forest bathing. Curating nature meditations, arts and games from around the world. Publishing stories from amazing places. Sharing forest wisdom of the elders and indigenous people. Bringing attention to inspiring projects and people working for nature. Discovering fascinating forests and trails that can serve as healing forests. Doing action projects that give back to nature. Creating change leaders and compassionate communities through our Forest Friends program.

Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

Engagement:  135,000+ people have read through the articles on our website.
Awareness:  725,000+ people have viewed our healing forest films on Youtube.
Events: Volunteer-led events across 40+ cities in 12 countries.
Forest Friends: A unique 7-week program forest friends brings like-minded people together to create compassionate communities deeply rooted in nature.
Re-wilding: At the end of every year 25% of our donations are used to support non-profits that work on reforestation and protection of old forests. (2019 forest partner)


You: If you are interested in discovering creative and meditative ways of connecting with nature, please consider joining us. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on new films, stories, nature walks, action projects and volunteer opportunities. Also check out our Nature Calm course with over 100+ ideas, arts, games, meditations from around the world or join our Forest Friends program.

Us: We are a small group of people who love nature. As individuals we conduct multiple nature walks in our communities and share learning and ideas with each other.

For specific inquiries please write to us at: healingforest(dot)org(at)gmail(dot)com




42 thoughts on “Healing Through Nature

  1. Thank you for inspiring to help others help them self dig deep with in to start to heal from the inside out is what necessary to truly heal may God Bless you in mulptiple ways for making a difference and being the change that makes the change in people’s lives!


  2. I love your video. I have long thought that being in and with nature is the only way to heal and comfort the soul. I live a short distance from woods and love to walk through them with my dogs any season of the year. It brings joy to my inner child and cheers me along all day. The smells, the colors, the natural sounds, the peace, tranquility and being at one with nature is beyond price and so very special. I never forget how fortunate I am.


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